First things first,

The second week of February onward is free for projects!

Secondly, I have decided to give space here for my thoughts on the subject of originality as it has come up often in my work.

The story goes like this…

Everyone wants their book, poster, mascot, logo and product to be eye catching and attractive. So, for advertising, or illustrating, say, they hire yours truly (and I thank you from the bottom of my heart).

Then as we work together on an image, or logo, or illustration, I feel you are not really happy with the way it is going.

‘I want it to look more original so how about adding some kittens? I don’t think anyone else with this kind of product is using kittens.’  Uh, oh. It’s not always kittens, mind you, but it’s something like it.


Sometimes I believe that originality in design, just for the sake of it, is NOT what is best for your product.

There! I’ve said it and a weight has been lifted from my chest. Originality is good but it is not the Ultimate Good.

The Ultimate Good, in my mind, is what your target audience will like and want to purchase.

I’ve had a client who was stuck on the color orange because he believed it was an ‘original’ color that would really stand out. …but the product was not something that would match well with orange.

So, if your target audience is subversive, teenage, graffiti artists (it could be, and if it is that’s great) then you certainly want an image, look and color that is waaaaay out there in terms of originality.

But what if your target audiences is children aged 3-5? Or Adults aged 40-50 who like to play scrabble online?

Target audience comes first in my mind, and the creativity comes into play with what that target audience will like and enjoy.

That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Have a great day everyone.