Walking in Northern Japan Coloring Page Set


Coloring Page set of houses, gardens and villages of Northern Japan


Coloring Page set of houses, gardens and villages of Northern Japan

  • 6 detailed coloring page designs
  • A4 size
  • Black AND 50% gray-scale versions for each image
  • PDF, Jpeg files
  • Color palette ideas and samples included

In the countryside of northern Japan, you can walk past handmade houses built with scrap materials that lean up against new buildings, which are themselves adjacent to tiny shops that are only open a few days a week. Corrugated iron rusts in the sun under a roof painted bright blue and next to that one stands a cheerful yellow house, just finished, with white trim. Around the outskirts of the village, houses have been long abandoned; the gardens swallow the buildings, creating structures that are alive with trumpet flowers and hydrangea in full bloom.
Here in my town there is space to build large houses. The shared philosophy of Akita folk seems to be , “Even if you start with a small house, you can always add an extension. Your kitchen can lead to a shed that can lead to another wing of the house that can lead to an extra bedroom or even a barn.”
Walking down a street, where each building harkens to a different era and aesthetic, I imagine many stories of how the houses came to be built and who might have lived there.
Here are glimpses—presented as coloring pages—of my chosen home town.


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